LISTA HS Series Cabinet 15 Drawers 243 Compartments

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LISTA HS Series Cabinet 15 Drawers 243 Compartments

LISTA HS Series Cabinet 15 Drawers 243 Compartments

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  • Weight = 900 LBS
  • Drawer Capacity = 440 LBS
  • 40-1/4"W x 22-1/2"D x 59-1/2"H
  • 7 @ 2" Usable Height Drawers
  • 7 @ 3" Usable Height Drawers
  • 1 @ 4" Usable Height Drawers
  • Includes Fork Truck Base 2 3/8" (60 mm)
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Product Description
LISTA XSHS1350-1502 cabinets are the premium choice for eye-level height storage needs in manufacturing plants, laboratories, and maintenance shops, or in your home or professional motorsport garage. This model comes standard with full suspension, high storage capacity drawers, and is fitted with LISTA drawer partitions and LISTA drawer dividers. The cabinet works at a standing eye-level height and is available with a large quantity of LISTA accessories and various LISTA lock and key systems.

This LISTA bin storage unit allows you to save space, get organized, and reduce inventory all while having easy access to your parts, tools, and supplies. This 15 modular drawer configuration is often applied to storage and for small items such as bolts, nuts, washers, electronic components, carbide inserts, and other valuable workshop supplies.

More than other modular industrial storage cabinets, LISTA drawer cabinets have a proven history of durability and toughness. Heavy-duty load capacity allows LISTA cabinets to be moved fully loaded when locked. In addition, the modular design allows you to seamlessly customize the cabinets with forklift bases or pedestals that can be tailored to your unique, individual needs for years to come. Systematic Storage at its best.
Drawer Interiors
Drawers 1-7
Drawers 1-7
HDR518-75 (18 compartments each)
LISTA Drawer Compartment
Drawers 8-14
Drawers 8-14
HDR415-100 (15 compartments each)
LISTA Drawer Compartment
Drawer 15
Drawer 15
HDR312-125 (12 compartments)
LISTA Drawer Compartment

This items has 15 Drawers, 243 Compartments

Product Applications
Lista Cabinets for Manufacturing
Lista Cabinets for Motorsports
Lista Cabinets for Maintenance
Lista Cabinets for Laboratories