Collection: Locking Systems - Replacement Blank or Cut Keys 2C

LISTA offers a number of different keying and locking features and options to meet the unique security and accessibility requirements of virtually any industry and application. Whether you have a machinist toolbox or highly secure hospital cabinets, LISTA has a lock mechanism for you. These include a range of mechanical and electronic locks, keys and keypad locks. Core lock: available with all drawer cabinets, cylinder locks feature a core that’s easily removed from the cylinder housing using a release tool, and can be easily replaced in the field. Hinged locking bars: suitable for mobile applications, they mount to the left or right of any drawer cabinet on the vertical housing support and can be retrofitted to existing cabinets; secured with a padlock. Security panel: allows individual locks for each drawer with a central lock for the whole cabinet, such as with hospital cabinets and secures contents even when individual drawers have been removed. Hasp lock: used with hinged and double-hinged cabinet doors, they rotate 90° to disengage the latch, and are secured with a padlock. Keyless keypad lock: provides easy keyless access to cabinets and allows access codes to be changed as needed; can be retrofitted to almost any LISTA cabinet or mobile cabinet.
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