Electronics Assembly Workstations

What to Know About LISTA Electronics Assembly Workstations

Everyone wants to improve assembly worker efficiency. Your electronics assembly workstations can make a significant difference.

Lista electronics assembly workstations have the quality and flexibility to meet your needs. Learn more about how Lista assembly workbenches can improve your production.

Quality Workbench Tops

The workbench top is critical for effective electronics assembly. Lista electronics workbenches feature several choices of the work surface. You can choose the one that fits your needs and your budget.

Butcher Block

Butcher block workbench tops are one of the most widely-used surfaces. Lista butcher block workbenches are durable and rugged. They're non-conductive, which is important in electronics assembly.

LISTA Industrial Workbenches

Butcher block is a cost-effective solution that doesn't compromise on quality.

High-Pressure Solid Resin

Phenolic resin is a high-pressure laminate (HPL). It resists chemicals, stains, and discoloration. It's another durable surface option for electronics assembly workstations.

Plastic Laminate

Plastic laminate is another good choice for electronics assembly workstations. It's non-conductive and lightweight. You can clean it easily.

Lista plastic laminate workbenches come in bright blue, classic blue, and light gray.

Electrostatic Discharge

Avoiding electrostatic discharge (ESD) is vital in electronics assembly. ESD can damage electronic components.

An ESD surface helps dissipate electric static instead of letting it build up. It can significantly reduce the risk of shock. It helps protect your components.

Lista static dissipative plastic laminate meets EOS/ESD S4.1 specifications.

Adjustable Height Workstations

Adjustable height workstations let you create the correct ergonomic alignment for each operator. Proper alignment is important for worker health and business efficiency.

Good ergonomics help workers avoid injuries. Your operators will have a better work experience. You avoid downtime from injury-related absences. 

Better ergonomics create more efficient workflows. Your employees can work more productively.

Flexible Configuration

Lista lets you design the electronic workstation that fits your needs. You can choose from a variety of configurations for assembly workbenches. Workbench styles include:

  • Two tech legs
  • Two tech legs and a drawer
  • One tech leg and a cabinet
  • One tech leg and a customer-specified cabinet
  • Two cabinets
  • Two customer-specified cabinets

You can also choose mobile workbenches with casters. Many electronic workstations feature a built-in electrical power supply.

Accessories Below and Above the Worksurface

You can customize your workstations with accessories below and above the work surface. These components can help improve efficiency and operator comfort.

Below the Worksurface

Below the worksurface, you can add a stringer or footrest. You can also add bottom shelves. Other options include privacy panels and cabinet pedestals.

Above the Worksurface

Above the worksurface, you can add back stops and end stops. Riser shelves are another option.

Adjustable shelf assemblies let you adjust the height to precisely fit your needs. Riser shelf rear panels help keep items on the shelves secure.

The instrument riser’s shelf support gives you more space to run air lines. You can meet increased power requirements.

For extra ESD protection, you can choose static dissipative plastic laminate shelves. They come with a grounding bolt and grounding cord.

Ordering Electronics Assembly Workstations

Lista electronics assembly workstations can help make your assembly workers more efficient. You can choose the materials and configuration that best fit your processes.

Dmark makes ordering a Lista electronic workstation simple. Products in the eStore ship free in the continental US.

You can choose from our extensive product catalog. We can also help custom design a complete system for your specific needs. Contact us today to start the process. 

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