Lista Drawer Partitions & Dividers

How to Order Lista Drawer Partitions and Dividers for Custom Drawer Interiors

These are the basic steps required for ordering custom drawer partitions and dividers from Lista.

The Lista Drawer Subdivision System 

Lista drawers are subdivided using 2 basic accessories: partitions, which divide the drawer into rows, and dividers, which define compartments within those rows.

The part designations for ordering partitions or dividers have 3 components:

  1. A letter or letters prefix indicating the part. “P” is for slotted drawer partitions, “LP” is for plain drawer partitions, and “D” is for drawer dividers.
  2. A number indicating the drawer model (height) number, and therefore the height of the partition or divider.
  3. A number indicating the length of the partition or divider in slots/units.

Drawer slot/unit dimensions are as follows:

Lista Drawer Slot Dimensions

The examples to the right use an HS Width shallow depth cabinet drawer (40 1⁄4” wide) which has 54 slots/units side to side and 27 slots/units front to back. 

Easy-Order Drawer Interior Sets: 

Preconfigured drawer interior sets for many popular drawer layouts are available for all sizes of Lista drawers:

Lista Drawer


Partitions and Dividers

Slotted Drawer Partitions

Lista Slotted Drawer Partitions

These slotted steel sheet partitions are the basic drawer dividers. They divide drawers into small or large compartments by length and/or width. Partition ends slide easily into drawer sidewall slots and can be bolted to the perforated drawer bottom. 

Partitions are slotted at 21⁄32” intervals to match the drawer sidewalls and should be ordered to match particular drawer heights, widths and depths. 

Color: grey


Plain Drawer Partitions

Lista Plain Drawer Partitions

For use when drawers will not be subdivided using dividers. These non-slotted steel sheet partitions divide drawers into larger compartments either by length or width. 

Bottom strips can be bolted to the perforated drawer bottom for additional stability, and the ends slide into slots in drawer sidewalls or slotted drawer partitions. Plain partitions should be ordered to match drawer sidewall height. 

Color: grey


Drawer Slot Snap-On Label Holders

Lista Drawer Slot Snap-On Label Holders

Clip-on label holders can be attached to these durable red plastic holders, which fit all slotted partitions or slotted drawer walls for labelling adjacent drawer contents. Angled for easier reading.

Steel Drawer Dividers

Lista Steel Drawer Dividers

Dividers subdivide drawers into smaller compartments for specialized storage. Steel dividers come in a variety of lengths and slip into slots in drawer sidewalls and/ or slotted drawer partitions. The top edges are rounded and smooth for safety.

Full-width angled top can accommodate most text and barcode labels. Dividers can be fastened to the drawer bottom for greater stability (fasteners included). Dividers should be ordered to match drawer sidewall height.


Clip-on Label Holder

Lista Clip-on Label Holder

Black plastic label holders easily clip onto Lista aluminium drawer dividers, plastic boxes and tray dividers. When labelled using Lista Script software, DLH-1 holders use 18.787 labels; DLH-2 holders use 18.786 labels; DLH-3 holders use 18.785 labels.


Plastic Boxes

Plastic Boxes

Lista Plastic Boxes
Made of high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) red plastic, these Lista plastic boxes are for storing small parts. Boxes slip in and out of drawers or plastic box rails for easy loading and dispensing and have label holder slots. Boxes should be ordered to match a particular drawer height.

Conductive Plastic Boxes

Lista Conductive Plastic Boxes

Made of conductive black high impact polystyrene (HIPS) for storing electrostatically sensitive components or devices. Boxes slip in and out for easy loading and dispensing and have label holder slots. Order to match drawer height.

Angled Label Holders for Plastic Boxes

Fits into slots in plastic boxes. Transparent label protectors included.


Grooved Trays

Grooved Tray Divider 

1 1⁄8” wide x 1” high galvanized steel divider fits into slots in grooved tray to separate and label contents. 

Grooved Trays

Lista Grooved Trays

These high-impact red ABS plastic trays are for individual storage of side sensitive tools such as taps and reamers. Tools are held in place by wedge-shaped grooves which prevent side-to-side movement in the drawer. In 2 parts, each part with end tongues to fit slotted partitions or drawer sidewall.

Each 2-part tray is 9 units (153mm) wide x 97mm deep. Sectioned off with D-9 drawer dividers. Larger trays in the set are slotted for clip-on label holders. Grooved tray dividers not included.

Slotted Grooved Trays

Trays are for storage of drills, gauges, mills, etc. Made of durable high impact polystyrene (HIPS) red plastic with end tongues so units snap together to form a continuous tray.

Slotted at 9⁄16” increments, plastic dividers subdivide individual grooves into smaller compartments. Each 6” x 6” tray can have 2, 3, or 4 grooves. Clip-on label holders not included. Slotted tray dividers are not included.

Conductive Slotted Grooved Trays

Lista Conductive Slotted Grooved Trays

Trays are for the storage of electrostatically sensitive components and MOS semiconductor devices. Made of conductive black high impact polystyrene (HIPS). Each groove is slotted at 9⁄16” intervals with end tongues so units snap together to form a continuous tray. Clip-on label holders not included.

Paper Label Sheets

Perforated sheets of label paper allow printing of labels with Lista Script software that fit perfectly into the wide variety of Lista label-holding tabs and covers. One package of 18.784 drawer handle labels is included with each Lista cabinet.

Other Accessories

Milling Cutter Holders

Lista Milling Cutter Holders

Tools with center holes are put over these holders for non-slip stability in the drawer. Red high-impact plastic holders can be fastened together to any required height and are bolted to the perforated drawer bottom. Nuts are included.

Corrugated Steel Supports

Lista Corrugated Steel Supports

For holding arbors, punches, drifts, etc., with 17 recesses. Held with plain partition. Pressed steel sheet, electrophoretically deposited, stoved enamel. Finished in gray.

Holding Pins

Galvanized steel rods with screw bottoms are bolted to the perforated drawer bottom for positioning and holding irregularly shaped tools. Nuts included. 

Slotted Tool Supports 

These 1⁄16” thick, 24” long aluminum slotted carriers are perfect for storing wrenches, etc. The bottom strip is bolted to the perforated drawer bottom. Fasteners included. Ordered individually.

Arbor Holders

For horizontally storing tools larger than standard grooved trays. Supports are bolted in pairs to perforated drawer bottom. Elongated slots for fastening bolts allow precise positioning for a particular tool diameter. Made of durable high impact red plastic. Fasteners included. Comes in pairs.

Metric Allen Key Holders 

Red high impact plastic trays for sets of hex keys 1.5mm to 10mm.

File Drawer Inserts

  • Fits into a 300 height drawer and converts it into a useable file drawer for either letter- or legal-sized files
  • Sold as a set (2 pieces)

Plastic Angular Supports

  • Pairs of supports hold files and small tools 
  • Twelve segments, red only 

Sliding Accessory Tray

  • Tray fits into any 100 height or higher NW or MP Width drawer and can slide forward or back to allow access to the rest of the drawer contents 
  • For use with 1” high plastic boxes (PB-1, PB-2, PB-3 and PB-4) 
  • Plastic boxes must be ordered separately.


Drawer Liners

Mesh Drawer Liners

  • Non-slip polyester Lista mesh liner protects items from shifting or sliding 
  • Protects drawer bottom from scratches and dents 
  • Liner is non-toxic, washable and treated to inhibit mold and mildew 

Plastic Drawer Liners

  • Plastic liners are 1 ⁄16” thick and translucent

Foam Drawer Liners 

Shadowed foam drawer insert liners protect, identify and control valuable inventory. Using a 2-layer insert system, the upper blue foam liner cushions tools and components in perfectly-shaped cut-outs, while the bottom yellow rigid foam liner makes it easy to spot when a tool is missing from the drawer.

Foam Drawer Liner Kits consist of the following:

  • (5) sheets of 1 ⁄2” thick royal blue cross linked oil-resistant Tool Control Foam (polyethylene base, standard density 2#) with self-adhesive back 
  • (1) sheet of 1” thick royal blue cross-linked oil-resistant Tool Control Foam (polyethylene base, standard density 2#) with self-adhesive back 
  • (6) sheets of 1 ⁄8” thick yellow highdensity cross linked Tool Control Foam (polyethylene base, standard density 2#) 
  • (6) vellum sheets for tracing your tools 
  • (1) Exacto® knife for cutting blue foam 
  • (1) 18” ruler for measuring 
  • (1) instruction booklet

Other Options

  • Foam liners can be custom made to your exact specifications, including designing, cutting and labelling the inserts for your specific tool storage requirements. 
  • Technical grade foam inserts are available for medical, crime lab or archival storage/ museum applications. This foam does not off-gas and can be sterilized. 
  • Contact your Lista representative for details.
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