Lista Storage Wall Systems

What Are the Lista Storage Wall Systems Features?

The Lista Storage Wall Systems packed wall-to-wall with unequaled features and benefits. This unique System’s extraordinary flexibility means you get the exact solution that your storage needs demand. 

  1. Feature: Six heights. Storage Wall Systems come in six standard sizes up to 118 1 ⁄8” high. They can be arranged as multi-story installations with mezzanines.

Benefit: Maximum use of storage space by using available height.

  1. Feature: Adjustable drawers, shelves and roll-out trays. For your current or changing needs, drawers, shelves and roll-out trays can be combined in any sequence in any section and easily rearranged.

Benefit: Total flexibility. 

  1. Feature: Roll-out trays. Full-extension roll-out trays roll smoothly with their full 440 lb. or 770 lb. load capacities.

Benefit: Heavy items are easily accessible.

  1. Feature: Variety of locking systems. Individual sections can be locked for added, specific security. 

Benefit: Your custom security requirements can be totally satisfied.

  1. Feature: 100% full extension drawers. Drawers ride smoothly on a unique precision suspension system. 

Benefit: Full use of all drawer space and easy access to farthest corners. 

  1. Feature: Six different full sidewall height drawers. Sidewall and partition height is equal to usable drawer height.

Benefit: Full use of cubic volume with no wasted space.

  1. Feature: Hinged drawer handle covers/label holders. Unique handle cover has a hinged plastic cover that easily opens and closes to allow labels to be added and changed while protecting labels from handling, tears and dirt. Drawers and contents can be labeled with free, downloadable Lista Script software. 

Benefit: Faster retrieval and easier inventory control.

  1. Feature: Custom compartments. All drawers have partitioning slots on all four sides, and Lista offers a wide variety of partitioning accessories.

Benefit: Maximum organization and faster retrieval.

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