Lista Storage Wall System

How to Configure the Lista Storage Wall System?

  1. Select Vertical Side Frames - Heavy-duty one-piece vertical uprights with welded horizontal struts. Uprights are slotted at 1” increments for placement of drawers, roll-out trays, or shelves.
  2. Select Universal Panels - Steel sheet universal panels measure 2” (50mm) in height and are fastened to the top and bottom of the vertical side frames to complete each section. Sections with a vertical side frame 2200 or greater must have a third intermediate universal panel.
  3. Select Rear Panels or Sway Braces and Optional End Panels
    • Rear Panels - Panels are bolted to the vertical side frames to enclose the rear of each section and provide lateral stability. 
    • Sway Braces - Used for units without rear panels to provide the necessary lateral stability. Diagonal braces must be fitted at least every fourth section. 
    • End Panels - These optional steel sheet panels enclose the ends of the completed units. Hardware included.

4. Select Drawers Shelves and Roll-Out Trays - Roll-out trays can be mounted in any sequence or combination with drawers and shelves. Each tray uses the equivalent height of a 100 drawer (100mm high). Trays have full-length handles, galvanized insert panels, and 1 ¾” rear and side retaining walls. Be sure to order trays to match the particular section width and depth you are outfitting.

    • Usable depth of tray or shelf is based on the system depth and referenced in charts on corresponding sections. 
    • Heavy-Duty Roll-Out Tray - Weight capacity is 770 lbs . for evenly distributed loads. 
    • Adjustable Shelves - Steel shelves can easily be moved at any time and used in any combination or sequence with drawers and roll-out trays. Shelves are 1” (25mm) high.

5. Select Storage Wall ® accessories, doors bookcases, etc. - 

    • Shelf Dividers - Steel dividers fit over the lip of the shelf. 
    • Shelf End Panels - Steel sheet panel provides sidewall for shelves. 
    • Frame Top Fill-In Strip - Steel sheet strip, covers the top of vertical side frames to create a smooth continuous surface. 
    • Ladders can be used with hinged & sliding door sets only with additional Ladder/EXT brackets sold separately. Not for use on vertical tambour doors. 
    • Hinged Door Sets Max height 2200 - Protect inventory and equipment from dirt and theft with full-height hinged doors. 
    • Sliding Door Sets Max height 3000 - Doors move smoothly on ball bearings. 
    • Vertical Tambour Doors Max height 2500 - Individual Storage Wall sections can be locked with a vertical tambour door. The vertical door rides effortlessly on tracks mounted to the vertical side frames and retracts into a box mounted on the top of the section. The box adds 8” to the height of the unit.

6. Select paint colors

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