Custom Modular Lista Cabinet

How to Build Custom Lista Cabinets from Standard Modular Components?

How to Order a Custom Configured Cabinet?

  1. Select cabinet housing
    Select the particular cabinet housing footprint that best suits your needs. When choosing your housing height, keep in mind the cabinet top’s potential use as a worksurface.


  2. Select a lock
    Choose from a wide array of locking options. The lock will come standard with 2 keys.
  3.  Select a cabinet base (optional)
    A number of optional bases to suit a wide variety of uses. Forklift, 2” Frame or 6” Pedestal, Mobile Caster, Wet-Clean and Leveling Base Options.
  4. Select drawers, shelves, roll-out trays and doors
    Drawers, shelves and roll-out trays can be used in any sequence or combination you wish.
  5. Select drawer handle cover option
    Drawers come standard with hinged handle cover/label holder but when labeling is not required covers can be upgraded. Three finishes of an aluminum extruded cover are available.


1. Choosing the Correct Cabinet And Drawer Size(s)

When selecting your cabinet and drawers you will need to consider all of the following:

  • The size of the items you will be storing from both a plan and elevation perspective
    • See usable drawer dimensions pages to determine if items will fit within the drawer
    • See usable height in the drawer table to select the appropriate drawer height
  • The area within your facility you have available
    • See cabinet footprints dimensions to select the model required (drawer and cabinet footprint designation must match)
  • The aisle space required between cabinets and in front of cabinet for proper access to drawer contents

Choosing the Correct Lista Cabinet And Drawer Size(s)


2. Select Lock And Keying Options

If you have locking and security needs other than the individual lock (lock and 2 keys) that comes with all cabinets, select from the options below

  • Individual Lock (RG)
    • Cabinets come with an individual lock and 2 keys
    • Each cabinet lock is keyed differently
  • No Lock (NL)
    • Specify if no cylinder lock is desired for cabinet housing
    • Cabinet will still include PrevenTip® one-drawer-at-a-time safety feature
    • Not available for double hinged door cabinets
  • Key Pad (KP) Lock
    • Able to program up to 25 different user codes
    • Eliminates lost keys
    • retrofittable into existing Lista drawer cabinets/door
  • Keyed Alike Lock (KA)
    • All cabinets have identical locks, each with 2 keys; the same key opens all cabinets
    • Each cabinet in the keyed alike group must have keyed alike (KA) specified on the order
    • Cabinets containing drawers and doors will only be keyed alike if specified
  • Master Keyed Lock (MA)
    • Each cabinet has a different lock with 2 keys 
    • Each cabinet in the master key group must have master keyed lock (MA) specified on the order
    • Master key (MK) that opens all locks must be ordered separately
  • Core Lock
    • Lista’s cylinder lock comes standard with all drawer cabinets. It features a removable core that can be easily removed from the cylinder housing using a release tool. Each lock is provided with 2 keys.
  • Replacement Lock Assemblies
    • Used to replace locks installed before March 2005.
  • Replacement Lock Cores
    • For field replacement of lock cores. Available for drawer housing and flush door locks shipped after March 2005.
  • Lock Core Release Tool - Requires Original Key
    • For extracting interchangeable cylinder core. Works only in conjunction with the original Lista key supplied with the core.

Locking Option Application Chart

Lista Locking Option Application Chart

3. Select Base (Optional)

  • Fork Truck Base

Steel fork truck base permits moving of fully loaded cabinets. Base has snap-on front and rear covers, and is recessed 11⁄8” (30mm) from the front of the housing. Bases are pre-punched to allow stacking.

Color: to match housing.

  • Frame Base

Steel base is used to bring cabinets up to desired work height. Base is recessed 11⁄8” (30mm) from the front of the housing.

Color: to match housing.

  • Mobile Caster Base

A set of 2 fixed and 2 swivel casters. Each swivel caster has an individual wheel lock. Casters are factory mounted to the base.

  • Wet Clean Base

Allows for easy cleaning below housing in areas where floors are often washed (such as labs and hospitals), or where wet floors are an issue. Raises cabinet housing 4 9⁄16” above floor. Individual leg height is further adjustable to allow for leveling (up to 1 3⁄4” additional height), even on extremely uneven surfaces. Cabinet can be lifted and moved with a hand pallet truck.

  • Leveling Base

Allows for quick and easy leveling from inside of cabinet. Includes a front cover that adjusts as cabinet is leveled. Base is available in multiple heights in cold-rolled, galvanealled steel steel with matching covers or stainless steel cover option. Adjustment tool, side skirts, anchor kit and glide cap kit are also available.


4. Select Cabinet Top or Counter Top (Optional)

  • Retainer Tops with Mat

Retainer top, painted to match housing with raised edges on back and sides, provides a practical non-skid work surface. Height is 3 ⁄4”. Ribbed mat is included.

  • Butcher Block Cabinet Tops

Tops are satin finish 1 3 ⁄4” thick hardwood and are flush to the cabinet side-to-side and front-to-back.

  • Plastic Laminate Cabinet Tops

Tops are 1 9 ⁄16” thick plastic laminate over particle board core and are flush to the cabinet side-to-side and front-to-back. Dove gray is standard but other colors are available on request.

  • Stainless Steel Cabinet Covers

Cover is constructed of durable, heavy gauge stainless steel. Fits over top and sides of cabinet, and provides easy access to locking system. Adds 1 ⁄16” to overall cabinet height and 1 ⁄8” to overall width and depth.

  • Phenolic Resin Cabinet Tops

Top is a high-pressure laminate designed for laboratory worksurfaces and mounts flush to the cabinet side-to-side and front-to-back. Resistant to chemicals, stains or discoloration. Top is 1” thick phenolic resin, available in black.

  • Stainless Steel Over Wood Core (SS)

Worksurface is constructed of durable heavy gauge, 304 stainless steel cover, fitted over top and sides of wood core, 1 13 ⁄16” thick.


5. Select Drawers, Shelves, Roll-Out Trays And/Or Doors

Drawers, shelves and roll-out trays can be arranged and re-arranged in a cabinet housing in any sequence. For information on configuring the correct height(s) of drawers and doors to fit the housing you have selected.

  • Drawers

Drawers are 100% full extension, allowing complete use of the furthest corners and easy access to all contents. Each drawer has a maximum load capacity of either 440 lb. (200kg) or 165 lb. (75kg).

  • Shelves

Fixed bottom shelves and adjustable upper shelves can be moved up or down in 1” increments. Vertical dividers are available to sub-divide shelves. Shelf cabinets are often stacked above drawer cabinets for maximum space savings. The maximum load capacity of 440 lbs. (200kg) evenly distributed.

  • Roll-Out Trays

Roll-out trays allow easy access to stored items, even in the farthest corner. 100% full extension, 440 lb. (200 kg) or 165 lb. (75kg) maximum load capacity.

  • Retractable Door

Door slides out and back, stored out of the way when not in use. Door is provided with handles, individual lock (RG) and 2 keys. Only bottom and adjustable shelves may be installed behind retractable doors – no drawers or roll-out trays.

  • Flush Hinged Door

Single door protects cabinet contents. Door is provided with integrated handle (reversible in field to allow door to open in opposite direction), individual lock (RG) and 2 keys. Only bottom and adjustable shelves may be installed behind flush doors – no drawers or roll-out trays, except for MP-TCN roll-out trays in MP width cabinets.

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